Original Score - The Festival (2017)

THE FESTIVAL is a documentary about a Michigan town that has been repeatedly invaded by a type of bug, known as the fishfly. Fishflies live only 24 hours, just enough time to lay new eggs, before they die and leave a rotting fish smell. Determined to make the most of their short lives, the town celebrates them with a carnival, The Bay-Rama Fishfly Festival.

THE FESTIVAL is a portrait of the unique celebration, the small-town that hosts it, and those who come to visit — human and insects alike.

Filmed over the course of one week, this documentary has enjoyed a successful festival run, including the following honors: Winner of FilmShop's Breakthrough Artist Award of 2016, the 2016 Gottlieb Environmental Award of Excellence, and Official Selection of The 25th Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.

Taylor Stanton, Director/Cinematographer
William Stanton, Original Music
Haley Shaw, Audio Mixing
Ben Duchan, Additional Camera