Will Stanton

Audio Engineer / Musician

is a New York-based audio engineer and musician, who creates music for film, dance, and common listening. Will has a wide and varied work histories including roles as a producer, keyboardist, studio engineer, FOH touring engineer, and composer working with prominent musicians, studios, music houses, film festivals, venues, as well as private political and corporate clients.

Featured Projects

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The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air)

Podcast | WNYC Studios, Night Vale Presents

Herbie of Montlieu Goes to Distant Lands

Original Score | Documentary


The Likes and Dislikes of Marj Bagley

Original Score | Animation


The Festival

Original Score | . Documentary


Vicky Chow - Aorta

Editing | Studio Record


Énouement I

Jeanann Dara, Brian Chase, Jherek Bischoff, Diamond Terrifer

Producer, Engineer, Mixing | Studio Record


Live Visual Engines

Interactive visuals for live performance


Énouement II

Jeanann Dara

Producer, Arranging, Keyboards, Engineer, Mixing | Studio Record


Wichita Vortex Sutra

Ethan Hawke, Bruce Levingston

Assistant Engineer | Studio Record

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Distant Anchors

Lola Lola Dance Co.

Sound Design, Music | Film